Honoring America’s Veterans for Protecting our Freedoms

VeteransAmerica is the beacon of liberty and
hope in the world because it remains
the home of the brave.

We enjoy our freedoms and way
of life today because courageous
men and women have risked – and
continue to risk – their lives to defend
our great nation.

One of my greatest honors as your
senator is taking part in tributes
throughout Southwest Michigan on
Veterans Day thanking our American
patriots for their outstanding service.

Veterans Day is celebrated on the
anniversary of the end of the First
World War as a time to honor the
enormous sacrifice and selfless
dedication of our veterans. The day
began as an outpouring of thanks that
marked the end of what was once
called the Great War – a fight for
freedom that was to end all wars.

Unfortunately, that war did not bring
an end to all wars. America faced a
Second World War and numerous
conflicts from Korea to Afghanistan.

Thankfully, America’s finest have
always answered the call to stand up
for freedom and liberty.

These patriots left their families to
ensure that we could live in the land
of the free. Some never returned.

Their great sacrifice is a debt we can
never fully repay.

In heartfelt appreciation for their
sacrifice on our behalf, I urge all
Southwest Michigan residents to take
time to thank our veterans for their

As long as we have patriots who
are willing to risk all they have to
serve their country, we will be able
to live up to the words of President
Abraham Lincoln: “That this nation,
under God, shall have a new birth of
freedom – and that government of the
people, by the people, for the people,
shall not perish from the Earth.”

God bless our veterans and their
families. Thank you.