Proos Encourages Passage of Bill That Would Ensure American Founding Documents are Taught in Grade School

Proos_Teaching Mischlers ClassWKZO – Radio

State Senator John Proos is supporting a measure that would allow teachers in all Michigan K through 12 schools to use unedited versions of America’s founding documents for grade-level instruction. Under the plan, teachers would be encouraged to do more to teach students about documents like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Proos says that an Intermediate School District or a public charter school would have to allow grade-level instruction on those documents and the philosophy they entail. Also, references to God couldn’t be removed from them.

Proos also supports a Senate bill that would designate September eleventh through the 17th as “Patriot Week,” and encourage Michigan K through 12 schools to participate in the week with instruction that promotes an understanding of American history.