Vote! Every Voice Matters

VoteAmerica was founded on the revolutionary idea that our government doesn’t give us power; our government only has the power that we, the people, choose to give it.

Our rights are endowed upon us by our Creator, and key to these is the right to vote.

This freedom to choose or reject our leaders makes us the beacon of liberty in the world. People in countries worldwide have fought and continue to fight for what many of us take for granted.

While voter turnout nationwide is still low, I am proud that Michigan’s Great Southwest has an engaged citizenry that turns out to vote.

I encourage all citizens to exercise their voice by getting out to vote. Election Day is Nov. 4 and the polls are open from 7a.m. until 8 p.m.

If you do not know where you’re supposed to go to vote, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center at: Enter your first and last name, date of birth and residential ZIP code, and the website will give you the address and a map of your polling location.

The website also includes helpful information about voting in Michigan, such as details on absentee voting for voters who cannot attend the polls on Nov. 4.

Voters may also get their polling location information by contacting the Berrien County clerk’s office at 269-983-7111 ext. 8264 or by email at or the Van Buren County clerk at 269-657-8218 ext. 6.

Every vote matters, so please exercise your constitutional right to vote.


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