Back-to-School Tips for Both Students and Parents

Proos_Teaching Mischlers ClassSummer is winding to a close and another school year is about to start. As parents, it is time for us to play our important role of ensuring that our children are prepared to learn.

A good education is critical for children to become tomorrow’s skilled workers and strong leaders, and an active parent can have a huge impact on a child’s desire to learn.

Research has shown that students whose parents are involved in their school work are more motivated and set higher career goals than students with less-involved parents. While helping our children understand classroom material at an early age helps improve their chances for success, visiting a child’s school has also been cited as a key factor in a student’s development.

I encourage all Southwest Michigan parents to try and make time to help and support your young students. The Michigan Department of Education has many helpful resources in the “Parent Engagement” section of its website at:

To parents of first-time students, this time may seem daunting, but the best thing you can do to ensure a child’s academic success is simply to be there for them. Ensure they get plenty of sleep, arrive to school on time, complete their homework and eat healthy meals.

And remember that the framework to success also lies in building up a child’s self-confidence with positive reinforcement and encouragement.

I hope you have a great school year!


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