Tele-Town Hall a Resounding Success

Proos on the PhoneI recently held the latest in a series of “tele-town hall” meetings to discuss our accomplishments and to hear from residents about their priorities. It was a resounding success with more than 7,800 residents participating.

I strongly believe that listening to the hardworking people of Southwest Michigan is vital and irreplaceable to being a good public servant.

During the meeting, thousands of families and job providers were able to hear what we have been doing and express their viewpoints.

In addition to having 14 people ask me live questions, everyone was able to give their opinion on a series of important issues facing Michigan.

While the reforms we made are resulting in an improving Michigan economy and reduced unemployment, pocketbook issues continue to be the top priority for Southwest Michigan.

When asked what issue is most important to them and their families, 49 percent of residents cited that more needs to be done to match students’ skills sets with jobs that are in demand. I could not agree more, which is why I will continue to stress the importance of career and technical training. In fact, only 37 percent of participants believed that their children or grandchildren had access to career and technical training.

I was encouraged that 79 percent of participants said they intended to visit an agri-tourism location this fall. As an agri-tourist, you can enjoy Southwest Michigan with family and friends, while also supporting local businesses and the entire community.

Thank you to everyone who called in and listened or asked a question. Your input valuable to me, and I always enjoy hearing your opinions. If you were unable to participate in the tele-town hall and have an insight to share, please contact my office by calling 517-373-6960 or emailing


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