9-11 Will Always Be a Day that Unites Us as Americans

Tuesday marks the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America.

While the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 will forever be etched in our minds, it will also forever be a day that unites us as Americans.

I encourage all Southwest Michigan families to join me as we remember those we lost at Ground Zero, at the Pentagon and in the fields of Pennsylvania. My thoughts and prayers go out to each of the families affected by this tragedy.

Celebrate the bravery of the men and women who became modern-day heroes due to their extraordinary courage that terrible day. Remember the selflessness of the passengers of United 93, who sacrificed themselves to prevent further tragedy. Honor the fearless first responders who ran into the towers to save lives – often at the cost of their own. Thank our courageous military members who continue to defend the freedom of all Americans.

America is a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world. While 9-11 illustrates that freedom isn’t free, it also reminds us that our great country and way of life are worth defending.

I believe that it is a testament to the greatness of America that when our liberty is attacked we come together and rise to meet that challenge.

As we unite in remembrance of 9-11, look forward with optimism that if we each do our part, our country and world will be a better place.

In honor of the lives lost Sept. 11, 2001, and to our firefighters, police officers and brave soldiers who protect our communities and nation every day, I commend you all for your courage, dedication and service and give you each my deepest heartfelt appreciation.


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