Proos Touts Progress Made

Dowagiac Daily News

By John Eby

April 15, 2012

CASSOPOLIS — “While the numbers are few today, the believers are many,” state Sen. John Proos told a dozen people Sunday afternoon at Cass County Tea Party’s third annual Tax Day rally beside the 1899 courthouse. “They couldn’t practice religion or live in a free society,” Proos, who was accompanied by his daughter, Elena, said.

“Our nation became what it is today because it was founded on Christian principles of freedom and a government of, by and for the people. Founders left us with our Constitution, which has withstood the test of time. People you send to represent you need to remember that. The believers need to be reminded. That’s the key today.”

The St. Joseph Republican said Michigan ist on a better track that benefits the futures of children such as his own Elena, Jack and Nora.

“What we do today we leave for them tomorrow, and I don’t want to leave them something worse. When jobs were the question, it was clear we weren’t competitive to keep the ones we already had and weren’t doing enough to attract jobs.

“We were picking winners and losers as a government because we were desperate for jobs to come to Michigan. That’s what it was during eight years of the Granholm administration. We saw the loss of a million jobs.

“When I started as your senator, Cass County was at 11.2 percent unemployment. Today, it’s at 8 percent. We can be better, but it’s improving.” because we looked at the equation and value competitiveness and the employer-employee relationship that is going to make Michigan strong again.”

We’re getting out of the way and letting businesses compete. Those who work hard of their own interest and effort are given the best chance to succeed without impediments by the government. Things are in a much better position than before. Without question, your tax dollars need to be held accountable in Lansing,” such as $2 billion the Department of Corrections consumes, which “cannot stand” because it could otherwise be spent on infrastructure or education. We’re not Doubting Thomases — we’re hopeful for our future and remember our country was founded on freedom from tyranny.”


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