‘Michigan Kids!’ Offers Free Fun and Information for Kids of All Ages

The state of Michigan has placed all its kids content onto one website, free to children of all ages. Michigan Kids! offers a range of information and activities from online games to links to homework help resources.

The first place to start on the website is a link on Internet Safety for Kids. This page outlines a few tips to help ensure a child’s safety on the Internet. 

Under the Homework Help tab, visitors can learn how government works, access reading lists, and get homework assistance from the Michigan eLibrary or a federal help page with hundreds of resources for virtually every school subject.

Click on the History tab for links to Michigan Notable Books, a list highlighting the Library of Michigan’s annual selection of books reflecting the state’s rich cultural heritage. Links to Michigan authors and illustrators are also available in this section.

For younger children, a 35-page Child Safety coloring book is available for printing, and free online games mix entertainment and education, featuring the Germ Buster Game.

The Detroit Free Press first published “Michigan Adventure! Discover Our State Symbols” in 2002. This series of stories on subjects like the state bird is available for full-color download on the website.

This page is a valuable resource for parents and kids of all ages. I encourage you to make learning fun and easy by visiting Michigan Kids! at www.michigan.gov/kids.

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