Michigan’s New Year’s Resolution: Create Jobs

As we approach the next legislative term, my renewed priority will be growing the economy and the job market for Michigan families.

Our state, who once led the nation in economic growth, is now leading the nation in unemployment – which simply cannot continue.

My priority as your next state Senator is to continue the work I began in the House on the Strategic Task Force on Jobs.

As I traveled the state meeting with job providers, the message was clear: get government out of the way of growth and entrepreneurs.

Going forward, these will be my legislative priorities. As always, I apply a litmus test to every piece of legislation before me: does this create jobs or grow the economy? If the answer is yes, it is something I can support on behalf of our community.

One of the ways state government is hindering growth is a burdensome tax structure, which I am willing to reexamine ways to restructure our tax code to help us be competitive with other states and on a global level.

I also will look for ways to end burdensome government regulations. It should not take several weeks for a department to get an answer on creating jobs, and I look forward to working with our new business friendly governor to enact real change.

I wish you all a Happy Holiday season, and look forward to a bright future in our beautiful state.

Pure Michigan Funding Solution

The success of the Pure Michigan campaign can be continued under legislation that provides $10 million from the 21st Century Jobs Fund.

I’m excited to have a funding solution that will allow the Pure Michigan campaign to continue to promote Michigan tourism throughout the country, ultimately creating jobs for Michigan families.

With tourism being Michigan’s third largest industry, the money from the 21st Century Jobs Fund was a necessary solution for our economy.

Under House Bill 4817 at least $1.5 million must be spent toward a winter promotional campaign.

The Pure Michigan campaign efforts have made our tourism industry stronger, and if we want to move our state forward, we must continue to fund these programs that are working. Pure Michigan has been effective at the right time and in the right places, and is too important to Michigan’s tourism industry to eliminate.

The Pure Michigan campaign began in 2008 with one-time money allocated for the 2009 and 2010 seasons. 2010 budget cuts threatened the future of the advertising promotion.

I have been fighting for this program since the beginning because of its benefits both here in Southwest Michigan, where tourism is a major part of our lives, and across our great state.

Creating jobs must be our top priority and is the only way to revive our state economically

I believe the Pure Michigan advertising campaign is an important tool in promoting Michigan tourism throughout the country to draw visitors to our state’s great natural attractions.