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Prevent Asian Carp from Michigan Waters

Recently, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment introduced a five goal Asian Carp Management Plan in attempts to stop the carp from spreading and options to control an accidental or intentional intrusion of the invasive species. Continue reading

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Improving Michigan Airports and Roads

I am supporting legislation to redirect sales tax revenue to the State Aeronautics Fund for use in funding our airport systems.

Every dollar used for airports can be multiplied by $9.50 due to a federal match. This is the best bang for the buck of any federal match in our current budgets. Continue reading

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Women are diagnosed with breast cancer more than any other type of cancer in the United States aside from skin cancer. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and encourages women to schedule an annual mammogram. Annual mammograms will help detect breast cancer early, ultimately increasing a diagnosed patient’s chance of survival. Continue reading

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A Call to Arms

Confront it or condone it.

That’s what state Rep. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, told Cass County’s Candelight Vigil sponsored Thursday night by Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services (DASAS) at ACTION Ministry Center. Continue reading

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Proos Votes to Ban Use of Gas Chambers on Animals

Recently, the Michigan House overwhelmingly approved legislation to ban the practice of using poisonous gas to euthanize unwanted dogs and cats. Adoption is the best way to prevent the suffering of injured, abused, neglected, and homeless dogs and cats. During … Continue reading

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