Agriculture Task Force Unveils Broad Plan

Agriculture contributes $71.3 billion annually to Michigan’s economy, making it the second largest industry in the state. It also employs more than 1 million people, and plays a large role in our way of life in Michigan’s great southwest.

It is an economic powerhouse that cannot be overlooked by state government, which must strive to work better with farmers and agri-business to encourage new jobs in this industry.

I am proud to support the House Republican Strategic Task Force on Agriculture, which recently unveiled a report outlining ways to strengthen agriculture across the state and decrease government bureaucracy.

Solutions proposed by the task force include promoting “Buy Local, Buy Michigan” through an advertising logo on state materials; providing the same tax incentives for innovative agricultural processes that alternative energy proposals receive; and ensuring state regulations aren’t more stringent than federal regulations.

The Agriculture task force report is part of an ongoing effort by the House Republican Caucus to reinvigorate, reinvest and reform Michigan’s economy.

Included in this effort was my Strategic Task Force on Jobs initiative, which outlined several opportunities to encourage job growth across Michigan.

The Agriculture report and my Jobs Task Force report serve as a road map for pro-job, growth-oriented policy.

Both reports can be downloaded online at


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