Gov. Signs Cottage Kitchen Legislation

Cottage kitchens are now legal in Michigan, as Governor Granholm this week signed my cottage kitchen legislation into law.

My legislation to encourage family farm businesses and entrepreneurship in the food and agricultural industries through cottage kitchens is now officially state law.

The House and Senate both overwhelmingly approved this measure to help stifle a government bureaucracy and foster agricultural entrepreneurialism.

When signed into law, venders at roadside stands and farmer’s markets will be able to produce goods in their own homes, but all products will have to be labeled with “Made in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.”

This legislation sets a home entrepreneur’s maximum sales at $15,000 per year, and will allow cottage food operations to sell out of their homes, at farmers markets, roadside stands, county fairs and town events.

The agriculture industry has long been a leader for our state, and we must encourage job opportunities in this industry.

This is an important jobs tool, and I am pleased that Lansing lawmakers were able to recognize the clear need for action and work together.


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