Education Key to Improving Economy

There is no question that a strong education system is instrumental in moving our state out of the economic doldrums.

If we are going to prepare our students for their future properly, it is important to equip our schools with the resources they need.

The state is hurting financially, but education must always remain a priority. I’m very pleased to announce that the House and Senate recently reached an agreement to increase school aid funding by $11 per pupil.

While this doesn’t sound like much, we were able to protect surplus dollars in the School Aid Fund.

The budget that was approved also maintains important programs such as early childhood development, at-risk grants and Michigan Virtual University funding.

The Legislature has failed in years past in completing an accurate budget in a timely manner to help schools draft their individual budgets.

I’m very pleased that we were able to meet a self-imposed July 1 deadline this year, in line with the deadline local schools face.

There was also a move to raid a surplus in the School Aid budget to balance this years budget which I opposed. I am pleased dollars will remain dedicated to schools, and I will continue to advocate for our students futures.


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