Choosing Jobs Over Bureaucracy

As chair of the Jobs Task Force, one of the main concerns I heard from businesses across the state was state government over regulation.

As a representative of Southwest Michigan, I see businesses leave our state all the time — not to go to China or India, but to go to Indiana and Illinois.

I recently introduced legislation that addresses this growing concern. The legislation was a direct recommendation from the findings of the Job Task Force.

House Bill 6278 forces the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Environment to act on any business request within six months of the application.

To promote job creation in our state, we must create an environment conducive to job creation. This legislation requires the Michigan DNRE to do their job more efficiently and effectively, and prevents a state department from dragging its feet at the expense of new jobs.

A six-month time frame isn’t too short for this department to do their due diligence in protecting the environment. A business shouldn’t have to wait more than six months to create jobs for Michigan families, especially when they can go to a neighboring state and do businesses much quicker.

Michigan families cannot wait for jobs that could be available now.


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