Identifying State Savings

The Michigan budget deficit has grown to nearly $1.8 billion for next year. Some lawmakers want to address this by raising taxes, I disagree.

Improving our state’s economic climate will require real changes that  make Michigan once again job-friendly. A tax increase is a job killer, as every dollar a business sends to Lansing is a dollar not spent on wages or health care for employees in Michigan.

I believe we must find every opportunity to find savings in the state budget, and eliminate all waste, fraud and abuse in state spending.

One idea I’m working on to address this is the Efficient Spending Rewards Act, legislation I recently helped introduce, which will provide incentives for state employees who find savings within their departments.

State employees see firsthand examples every day of government waste. They are the ones who will be better able to identify cost-saving reforms in their jobs.  This is an all-hands-on-deck approach to using every opportunity to make state government more efficient and affordable.

Under the program, employees who find savings will be given a portion of the savings found. This small incentive has the potential to be a big reward, and any savings found could be used to fund Michigan priorities, including public safety, education and our roads.


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